Welcome to Pyma Gear!

Pyma Gear is designed for all those who love, live, and play on Pymatuning Lake. We select only the best products, made with the highest quality materials. We strive to create cozy, casual, and sometimes quirky products to share our love for the lake!

Mission Statement

My mission is simple, to share my love for Pymatuning Lake with others who also love the lake. I want to also do my part in supporting the local businesses that surround the lake. 

Pymatuning is an area that offers natural, peaceful, and uncommercialized tourism. Our local businesses create a culture that becomes a trademark for the lake and attracts visitors, therefore influencing tourism. By promoting the lake with my products, I hope to help bring attention to the area, and more people can discover the beauty the lake holds. And ... our small businesses grow!

For more information on how it all started, please read my story below.

Hi, I’m Sue, founder of Pyma Gear. My husband and I have lived in Jamestown, PA for the past 17 years and we feel very fortunate to live so close to Pymatuning Lake.

If you're reading this, you're probably a Pymatuning Lake person too, and you have wonderful memories of being at the lake. For me, there's something about Pymatuning Lake that's like nowhere else.

Over the years, I have spent countless hours connecting with nature and experiencing the peace and tranquility of the lake. My favorite memories are the time I spent with our dogs, walking the trails near the dam. The excitement they showed every time I asked them “wanna go to the lake?” was priceless.

In 2018, our last dog passed away and I suddenly found myself walking the trails alone. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to enjoy my walks as much as I did when they were with me. Surprisingly, the lake allowed me to heal. Now when I walk the shores of Pymatuning and see others walking their dogs, it brings a smile to my face knowing they probably get the same reaction when they ask their dog if they “wanna go to the lake.”

Pyma Gear was born during those walks alone. I spent years dreaming of a concept, products, and branding that embodied how I felt about my time at the lake.

It’s an expression of my appreciation for the beauty of Pymatuning Lake. It’s an ode to Pymatuning Lake’s serenity. It’s a nod to the wonderful businesses and communities that surround it. And on a personal level, it's a tribute to our boys, Gus, Champ, and Chester.

I hope Pyma Gear inspires you to make more time for Pymatuning!